Water Restoration “Pledge”

Our water restoration pledge.
We vow to use the best tools and techniques available to dry any structure as efficiently as possible with little, if any demolition, and to do our best to minimize the impact on the customer and reduce the cost of the claim, regardless the financial payout to our company.

It seems every water mitigation company is busy soaking the insurance companies for more money. It might be that these contractors just won’t pay for new equipment, or it could be that the knowledge and techniques have been passed from one co-worker to another for far too long. For anyone who is not a structure drying professional, it would seem the technician and equipment is doing their job as good as anyone could. So let’s look at this industry from an educated point of view. Consider three examples:

1. The number one used extraction tool “the wand”, leaves 6.7 times more loose water behind than our tool of choice. This loose water amount to about 15 gallons over a 1000 square foot structure. This water, which should have been removed in minutes, is then left up to the fans and dehumidifiers to work on for the next several days, while the claim gets bigger and bigger.

2. The #1 top selling dehumidifier on the market is the least expensive, but also the worst performer. It becomes near useless at the end of the job as the air becomes dryer, and the grain per pound drop below the dehumidifiers operating range. This machine cost less per day according to xactimate, but requires twice more units and more days to finish the task. While these machines are trudging along, the fans, heaters, air scrubbers, monitoring and hotel bills keep adding up.

3. Too many times technicians do not take the time to isolate the damage by using plastic or zip wall to create drying chambers. This oversight causes the dehumidifiers to dry the whole house adding days to the dry time and costing money.

These are just a few examples of how many of our competitors are maximizing profits while the home owners are dealing with noise, heat, and inconvenience. Having seen what other companies are doing in water restoration we are compelled to be different. This brings us back to our vow. We committed from the beginning, to operate in an ethical manner, make our customers feel secure in our knowledge and appearance and perform our job like true professionals should. That’s why we bought the best equipment available, employ the proper techniques and dry the very best we know how, every time. To do less, is to fail on purpose. The more efficient that we can restore the structure the less money we will make. That’s ok with CSG. We believe that you can never go wrong by doing what’s right. This is more than a principle; it’s a law that holds true as much as the law of gravity and that is how we conduct our business.

There is too much information to be written on this topic, but if you are interested reducing your claim loss ratio, contact us or come see for yourself.